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Thursday, March 21, 2013
Two years ago I was invited to a luncheon hosted by Stonyfield Farms. The featured speaker was Robyn O'Brien, a concerned mom, an author, and a food activist. This luncheon turned out to be a light bulb moment for me. It was an awakening of sorts. You can read all about it here, but in short, I learned some disheartening facts about the American food supply.

I left the luncheon wondering not only about the damage that I had done to my own body but to my children's bodies as well. I was overwhelmed. The entire ride from Philadelphia back to the Jersey shore was consumed with thoughts of how I could move forward and feed my family the foods that would be most healthful to them.

Ever since this luncheon, I've been on a quest to learn more about the food that I eat. I've given up processed foods in favor of a diet comprised of real, whole foods. I've switched to primarily organic foods, especially dairy products. I've made considerable changes. Some met with resistance from my family, and others have been welcomed changes all the way around.

It hasn't always been easy an easy road to travel. Old habits die hard. But I know that more we know about our food, the more we want to eat the foods that are truly good for us.

Most of the foods found in our conventional grocery stores are processed foods. They are filled with chemicals, additives, preservatives, and artificial colors. Yes, even sour cream has artificial colors in it. How do I know this?

Well, I've been reading Rich Food Poor Food: The Ultimate Grocery Purchasing System (GPS) by Jayson and Mira Carlton. This book is both a guide and a resource for everyday grocery store shopping. Whether you are trying to shop more wisely or you've recently adapted a new diet, this book offers valuable advice for navigating your supermarket.

I received this book as part of my participation in the Stonyfield "Yo-Getter" brand ambassador program.

The book is divided into "Aisles". Just as you would navigate aisles during a typical shopping trip, you can do the same when reading this book. But before you start reading, the first few chapters offer helpful insights into the dangers and traps found in your grocery store and how to avoid them and the sneaky culprits lingering in our foods such as food dyes, chemicals, and synthetic hormones.

Once you hit the "Aisle" chapters, the book offers alternatives to purchasing store-bought foods, such as recipes. Have you ever made your own mayonnaise? Now would be a great time to start! There's a recipe for mayo in the book.

There are "STEER HERE" AND "STEER CLEAR" suggestions for what to buy (Steer Here) and what not to buy (Steer Clear) and why, including the harmful ingredients found in the Steer Clear items and the healthy ingredients found in the Steer Here items. This book proves that not all ketchups, rices, broths, meats, dairy products, are created the same.

This book identifies 150 common and often hidden poor food ingredients so that you can avoid those and choose a healthier alternative instead. We should know what we are eating. We should know what's in our food, and since the American government does not require food manufacturers to place warning labels on food when certain ingredients are used, this book is a great place to find the information to need to arm yourself when shopping.


Pieces of a Mom is giving away one Rich Food Poor Food book to one lucky winner. Also included with this giveaway are five (5) coupons for free Stonyfield Greek yogurt. The book has a retail value of $24.95, and can also be purchased through Amazon.com (see button below Rafflecopter form to order).

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Stonyfield provided me with a complimentary copy for myself as well as one to give to a lucky reader. I was not compensated to write this post. All opinions on the book are my own.

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