Since When is an RSVP Optional?

Thursday, March 7, 2013
Did I miss a memo or something?

Was my head stuck under a rock?

Is it not proper etiquette to respond to invitations anymore?

I sent out invitations to my youngest daughter's birthday party 2 weeks ago, asking recipients to reply within one week. I know, that's not a whole lot of turnaround time, but my hands were tied as the party venue had limited availability due to St. Patrick's Day. And seriously, you're either available or you're not. Which is it?

I couldn't have made it any easier. I included my phone number and my email address. I realize people have phone phobias. It's the age of technology. People don't want to interact. So, send me an email. I'm so cool with that. I'd prefer to reply via email as well. But when I can't, I do make a phone call.

Why? Because it's polite. And it's requested.

As of the RSVP date, I still hadn't heard from over half of the invitees. Nothing. And I mean, nothing bothers me more. Now, almost one week later, and I still don't know if 3 people are coming...and that's even after a phone call.

What is wrong with people?

I have goody bags to prepare, and I don't mean penny candy stuffed into a treat bag. I have goody bags for a cooking party. Aprons, chef's hats, spatulas. I can't just throw a bag together "just in case" someone shows up.

This party. It's a big deal to my little girl. She hasn't had a proper friend party in a few years. She just wants to know if her friends will be there.

So, if you are the "not responding" type, keep that in mind the next time an invitation comes your way.

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