Ocean Spray Diet Sparkling Cranberry: A Great Alternative to Diet Soda

Friday, March 1, 2013
Every year I give up Diet Coke for Lent. It's never a struggle, really. I don't experience withdrawal. I don't get cranky. And I often wonder why I can't give it up for good. When not observing Lent, I usually limit myself to one can per day, so a true addict I am not. But I do savor the taste of it, and sadly, there are times when it's just what I need to put me in a good mood.

But now that I can't have it, I've been scouring the stores for suitable, and possibly even healthier alternatives. And I've found one!!

Ocean Spray Diet Sparkling Cranberry is a juice beverage that is made from concentrate using real fruit juice. I love the hint of carbonation, and it hits the spot every time. If you are looking for an alternative to or a substitute for diet soda, this is the one! And I'll bet it would make for some tasty cocktails, too!

Ocean spray Diet Sparkling Cranberry

You can find it in grocery stores. A 4-pk of 8.4 fl. oz. cans sells for $3.80.

I was not compensated for this post. I just love this product and wanted to share it.

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