New Jersey Women's Expo ~ 2013

Monday, November 4, 2013
Last year I was invited to moderate a panel discussion with 3 physicians and U.S. women's soccer gold medalist Christie Rampone at the annual New Jersey Women's Expo. I loved having the opportunity to run the discussion on behalf of Meridian Health and Meridian Momtourage. Not only was it something that was a bit different from my day-to-day writing, but it was also informational.

This year, I was invited to moderate a panel at the Women's Expo once again. The physician panels that are part of the New Jersey Women's Expo are a great way to get expert opinions and advice from doctors without having to actually go to the doctor.

This year's topic was women's health as we age and life balance. Both were very timely topics for me as I am approaching menopause and am starting to experience many perimenopause symptoms. This can be a very confusing and frustrating time in a women's life. It was great to hear some options from the experts.

Here I am post-panel discussion with the physicians.

The physicians are (from l. to r.,) Dr. Jorge Corzo (physical medicine and rehabilitation), Dr. Denise Johnson-Miller (breast surgery), Dr. Asaad Samra (plastic surgery and hand surgery), and Dr. Karl Strom (bariatric surgery).

Here I am completely engrossed in Dr. Corzo's response to one of my questions.

It was a wonderful discussion and these doctors were some of the most down-to-earth physicians I've had the pleasure of working with. They were so easy going and knowledgeable.

Today, my daughters and I returned to the Women's Expo where we participated in a fashion show.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a ton of pictures. We were busy getting our hair and makeup done, and it seemed a bit chaotic at the time. So between shuffling me and my girls from one spot to another, I barely snapped any photos. Plus, I didn't like my hair. But my makeup, which was done by Mary Kay, was really pretty. The hair? Well, I don't know what the hair ladies were thinking. But I was completely unimpressed.

So, yes, I know I sound vain, but I was walking in a fashion show. We all should have been spectacular.

But here is a picture from Meridian Health's Instagram feed. I promise when I get more pictures, I'll add them to this post. My girls and I are on the far right.
Photo credits: Meridian Health

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