Hurricane Sandy ~ One Year Later Children Are Still Struggling to Cope

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
It was exactly one year ago today that Hurricane Sandy struck the coastal areas of New Jersey and New York with a vengeance. She pummeled the beautiful landscapes until they were unrecognizable.

She didn't let up until she had completely leveled towns. Boardwalks that just a few weeks earlier were alive with tourists looked like war zones. Beaches that were filled with laughter and sea gulls were eerily quite.

As a resident of the Jersey shore, I am hard pressed to find someone who wasn't somehow affected by the storm. My family wasn't displaced, but we suffered without power for 6 days, which seemed like 60. My daughters' school was closed for weeks. We had no Halloween. No little creatures ringing our doorbell last year looking for goodies.

I can't help but to think about the thousands of children living in these coastal areas who suffered the brunt of Sandy's wrath.

365 days later, there are still children who are coping with the devastating and destructive effects of Sandy. From basic care to the comforts of home, the worlds of so many children have been turned upside down.


The reality is that disasters occur, and unfortunately, most are at the hands of Mother Nature and are thus, unpreventable.

However, what we can change is how we prepare for and deal with the disaster in its aftermath.

Save The Children has started an initiative called Get Ready. Get Safe in an effort to help communities prepare for worst-case scenarios. Whether it's emergency plans or gathering supplies, Save The Children and Get Ready. Get Safe puts plans in place to protect our children.

We can't prevent disasters, but with the help of Save The Children, we can be ready.

Take a look at how Save The Children has helped in Sandy recovery efforts so far.

Are you prepared for the next disaster? Save The Children can help you get organized and ready with this plan and checklist. It's a must for any home. I printed it out immediately. A checklist like this would have been helpful to have last October as we prepared for Sandy's landfall.
For more information on Save The Children's Get Ready. Get Safe initiative, visit the Web site. You can make a donation, print checklists, find out if your state is prepared for a disaster, and get updates on Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

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