Random Ramblings: An Update on the Broken Arm and More!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013
It's been almost 4 weeks since Harper broke her arm. Looking back, the time has gone fast, but at the time, it seemed to move at a snail's pace.

She has adjusted well over the past month. She's been flexible despite the fact that she hasn't had mobility in her left arm. She hasn't missed a beat, and she's counting the days until she returns to gymnastics in January.

We've traveled to Maine and attended a wedding. Of course, the dress HAD to match the cast!

Today, the original cast came off and was replaced with a short cast. We weren't sure exactly what was going to happen at today's visit with the orthopedic surgeon.

She had the cast removed.

Someone was happy to let her arm breathe! That was short-lived.

And then x-rays were taken to determine if her new cast would be a short one (below the elbow) or a cast like the above one.

Annnnnd..... we got the good news! Harper's new cast would be a short one!! She is healing very well. New bone is forming and fusing together the broken fragments. In another 4 weeks, the short cast will be off, and she'll be in removable brace.

It was a happy day!

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