2014 Word of the Year

Wednesday, January 1, 2014
And just like that 2013 is over. Time to move on to bigger and better things in 2014.

I stopped making resolutions years ago. Instead, I started making goals. Lists of things I wanted to accomplish and master within the year.

We often start the year off eagerly. Lots of goals and resolutions can only mean one thing in the end. Failure. Too much too soon leaves us feeling frustrated and defeated. 

So, this year I am switching it up a bit. I am choosing a word for the year, and throughout this year I will live by that word.

My word for 2014 is FEARLESS.

Fear holds us back from doing so many of the things we want to do...things we NEED to do. This year, I'm not giving in to my fears and inhibitions. It's time to take control of them, conquer them, and kick them to the curb.

Here's a good example. I belong to a gym. Most of the time I stick to the cardio and weight machines. To me they are safe. I know how to use them. I know the people who use them. Group classes scare me. I know how ridiculous this fear is. It's silly, but I am intimidated by group classes. I have this fear that everyone knows one another. One big clique that I am not a part of.

Then there's also the irrational fear that everyone will think I am out of shape. I have to remember that it's a gym, and we are all there to get and stay in shape. For the most part, I have avoided most group classes for these 2 reasons. I have made excuse after excuse to avoid taking them. But not this year. I am conquering my fear of group classes.

That's just one specific example. The bottom line is that fears can have an overwhelming and subconscious control over our every day lives. We avoid certain situations out of fear. Fears keep us from doing what we desire and from being who we want to be.

Being fearless is being free. I want to wake up each day and say, "Today I will not be afraid to ____________________." and fill in the blank any way I wish on any given day.

I want to choose bravery.

What will you choose this year?

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