5 Ways To Style A Striped Shirt #FashionFriday

Friday, January 31, 2014
Striped shirts are the epitomy of French chic. They are casual yet can be easily dressed up. They are effortless yet they show that you've put some thought into your outfit.

I, for one, love striped shirts. In fact, I hadn't realized just how much I love them until my 11 year old daughter was recently shopping my closet and pointed out to me that I own 17 striped shirts.

I know I need to stop buying them. But they are so versatile and so easy (and fun!) to style.

Take a look at 5 easy ways to style a simple striped shirt.

1. With distressed boyfriend jeans, of course. 

French Chic Striped Shirt

French Chic Striped Shirt by sheila-coleman-hill featuring stripe tops

2. With a pleated skirt
I love the casualness of the striped shirt paired with the dressy skirt. It's a serious but fun combination.

Striped Shirt with a Pleated Skirt

3. With shorts
I especially love mixing prints. The striped shirt with the paisley shorts paired with solid colored accessories is a look I love.
Striped Shirts with Shorts

4. With camouflage and colored denim
I wear my camo skinnies with my black and white striped shirt all. the. time.

Striped Top with Camo Skinnies

5. Accessorize it!
Add a jacket, blazer, trench, scarf, or statement jewelry to a striped shirt and you've taken your look from blah to ta-da!

How To Accessorize a Striped Shirt

How To Accessorize a Striped Shirt by sheila-coleman-hill featuring Tory Burch

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