Have Your Pie and Eat It Too on National Pie Day!

Friday, March 14, 2014
It's National Pie Day! While mathematical buffs will be celebrating with calculators in hand, I'll be celebrating with a fork in my hand!

There's something all-American about pie. Whether it's a spicy apple pie or a mile-high lemon meringue pie, a good slice of pie is good for the soul.

What's the key to a good pie? The crust, of course. Don't be daunted by making your own crust. Following a few simple rules will guarantee you a crust that's fool-proof.

Once you've perfected your crust, it's time for the pie filling. What's your fancy? Pumpkin? Apple? Cherry? Pecan? Or are you more of a cream pie person? Boston Creme, perhaps?

I'm sharing a delicious recipe today compliments of A Bullseye View and Target Inner Circle.

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