The Best Drugstore Beauty Finds

Thursday, April 24, 2014
I could spend hours perusing the beauty aisles of any drugstore. When I buy makeup and beauty products, I like to combine drugstore brands with some higher end department store brands. Plus, when you purchase drugstore brands, you are able to try a variety of products and colors since they are reasonably priced.

I'm sharing a few of my favorite drug store basics that are part of my everyday beauty routine.

1. Once in a while I'll add an expensive cleanser to the rotation, but generally, this cleanser does the trick just fine.

2. For soft, silky skin this baby oil gel is applied on wet skin and lightly dabbed with a towel.

3. Hands down, this is my favorite nail polish. It lasts...and lasts.

4. I love this mini eye shadow. I like experimenting with different shades. The size and cost of these make it easy to stock up in different colors and not feel guilty.

5. I recently discovered this moisturizer, and it has been ideal for my skin since I have rosacea.

6. This light foundation offers ample coverage without feeling cakey and heavy.

7. I've finally found a mascara that lengthens and plumps my lashes.

8. A lip color that offers just the right amount of tint and shine.

9. I'm so bad about getting frequent trims. This conditioner keeps my hair in great shape when I don't have time to make it to the salon.

I'd love to know some of your favorite drugstore beauty finds.

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