A Big Ol' Thank You

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

When I started this blog at the end of 2008, I never imagined the friends I would make, the people I would meet, and the opportunities it would bring me.

Pieces of a Mom started out as an outlet for sharing daily adventures with faraway family and friends. Over the years this space has evolved. As my daughters have grown over the past six years, I have shied away from sharing personal anecdotes about them and their trials and tribulations. Trust me, their have been plenty of them, but it's been more difficult for me to make the decision to share a piece of their very personal lives.

As a result, the direction of Pieces of a Mom has veered a little more towards me in the past year or so and the things that I love. I've shared more of my favorite recipes. I've talked more about fashion than I had done before. I've delved into a favorite topic: beauty. I've shared my tips and ideas for entertaining. These are the things that I love. After my family, these things bring me the most joy and pleasure.

And so, in light of that, Pieces of a Mom will be experiencing a few changes in the fall. Just a bit of rebranding. The blog name will change. The look of the site will be updated and will be easier to navigate. The content will stay that same as it has been over the course of the past six months since I've slowly been transitioning to new content and features.

Rest assured, I will still talk about my beloved daughters. It's what I live, so how can I not?

Lastly, I leave you with a heartfelt thank you. From the bottom of my heart, it is you, dear readers, that keep me going everyday. The encouraging emails and blog comments. And yes, even the occasional mean-spirited comment has been welcomed from time to time. It is, after all, the constructive criticism that helps us to improve.

I am grateful for your support...every ounce of it. The likes on the Facebook posts and the retweets on Twitter never go unnoticed. All the virtual hugs I received when Harper was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes were some of the best hugs I have ever received. The blogging community, whether you are a reader or a fellow blogger, is one of the strongest communities to which I have ever belonged.

So, tonight, I raise a glass to you and say a big ol' thank you to everyone who is reading this.

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