Blog Stalking :: 5 Blogs I Am Loving Right Now

Wednesday, August 6, 2014
The inspiration behind starting my own blog came from reading blogs. I had a handful of favorites that I would read on a daily basis. Some are still in existence today while others have closed up shop and have moved on.

Thanks to Instagram and a few other popular social media outlets, I've found some new blogs to love. Here are the 5 blogs I am loving right now.

1. One Girl Talks by Kasey Buick
I started reading Kasey's blog when she was living with her family in suburban Chicago. I was enchanted by the pretty pictures of her home and her eclectic fashion sense. It was modern meets vintage Parisian, and I loved it. Then one day Kasey and her family pick up and decide to move to Kauai, Hawaii for one year. As she says, "You only live once." Well, one year turned into another year. If her pictures from suburban Chicago had me at hello, what do you think I've been doing over the pictures from Hawaii? Yeah, you need to check her out.

2. Get Your Pretty On by Alison Lumbatis
In a sea of fashion blogs on the Web, it's difficult to find one that offers affordable, accessible, and appropriate fashions. But that's just what Alison does at Get Your Pretty On. Her realistic approach to fashion and style is refreshing. Plus, I love her energy and upbeat approach to everyday dressing for modern women. If you often struggle with putting together outfits, Alison's style challenges are the perfect solution.

3. Love Taza | Rockstar Diaries by Naomi Davis
Drool-worthy pictures of New York City accompanied by helpful and resourceful city guides make this blog a weekly necessity for me. Naomi delights in sharing pictures of her NYC (and beyond) adventures with her husband and two adorable young children. You can't help but to live the life of a NYC urbanite vicariously through Naomi.

4. COOKIE + kate by Kate Taylor
Cookie + kate is a vegetarian food blog that focuses on fun and flexible recipes that nourish the body. Kate dishes up some mouth-watering recipes and eye-catching photos that will inspire you to get into your kitchen on a regular basis. And her trusty canine companion, Cookie, is the best and cutest helper a girl could ask for.

5. Keep It Simple, Keep It Fresh by Lissa
I've been following Lissa since she blogged way back when at A Dash of Humble Pie. Her impeccable home decor and Pottery Barn-inspired style had me hooked. When I experimented in a gluten-free lifestyle, I relied on Lissa's delicious recipes to get me through. If home decor and food aren't your thing, then checking out her gorgeous photography is a MUST!

So, there. Now you've got some cyber surfing to do!

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