How To Pull Off Rose Gold Medal

Thursday, December 11, 2014
Rose gold is a beautiful metal, but many people don’t want to wear it because they worry they won’t pull it off right. It’s fairly new in the fashion world when you compare it to gold and silver. Rose gold is basically gold mixed with copper to create a pink-gold look. The more copper mixed with the gold the more pink it will be. If you like rose gold, you shouldn’t worry about not being able to pull it off. This post will help you!

Wear With Pink and Nude
As rose gold is like a reddy/pinky gold, it looks fabulous when paired with nude and pink accessories and clothing. Try wearing your rose gold with a nude outfit to really show it off. You could even paint your nails a nude or pink color to enhance the rose gold. Just make sure you stay away from sparkles on your nails, as you want your jewelry to do all the talking.

Go for Copper Jewelry
Rose gold can be pricey, just like any other precious metal. If you’re worried about having something to wear with it, you can easily purchase copper jewelry to throw on with your expensive bits. Copper jewelry will look great with rose gold, and it’s much cheaper. This means you don’t need to go over your budget!

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match
While copper jewelry can look great with rose gold, you shouldn’t be afraid to mix and match it with different pieces. I love mixing all kinds of jewelry metals to create a unique look. Some people will tell you that you can’t mix metals, but don’t listen to them; they have no imagination.

Pair With Diamonds and Precious Stones
Rose gold enhances the beauty of diamonds and precious stones. Don’t be afraid to pair rose gold watches with sparkly gems and colorful precious stones to add interest to your look. If you’re creating an arm party, for instance, you should let the watch be the foundation of your look. You can then build on it with copper bracelets, diamonds, semi precious stones, and other elements that tie in nicely.

Search Instagram and Pinterest for Inspiration
If you’re seriously stuck and need some inspiration, don’t panic. Sites like Instagram and Pinterest were designed to help you. Simply type in ‘rose gold’ for example, and they should come up with plenty of beautiful pictures to give you ideas. You can take inspiration from these images to make a look that’s all your own that really works. Who knows; your own idea may get tons of shares and likes on social media if you take a high quality picture! This means you could be helping other people like you to wear rose gold.


Experiment with your rose gold and come up with some great styles. Take photos and you could help other people by sharing them on social media too! Use your imagination and have fun with your look. Thanks for reading!

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