Bad Housekeeping Habits To Avoid

Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Even those of us who aren’t slobs have a tendency to fall into bad housekeeping habits from time to time. Life gets busy and time slips away from us making it easy to let tidying up slide. Here’s a quick list of common bad housekeeping habits and how to avoid falling into a bad pattern.

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Electrical Cables Abound
We all too reliant on modern technology these days? It's evolution, and nothing is likely to change anytime soon. There’s no denying that the average home has a lot more electrical equipment than might be safe for it. We have laptops, desktops, monitors, televisions, games consoles, mobile phones. They all need to be plugged into outlets for hours at a time. We’re often using them all at once.

The problem is most of us don’t quite understand how much electrical “pressure” this puts on our home systems. Many of us are probably using extension cords, and cheap ones at that. But if you’re using them for most of the day, you could risk overloading them quite easily. If your home is tech-heavy and you have to use extension cords, make sure you invest in strong, mid-priced ones.

Out of Sight. Out of Mind
We often forget the micro parasites that are living on our skin but aren't immediately visible. Plus, we’re shedding moisture, hair, and dead skin pretty much all of the time. We might not be able to see it, but it’s definitely happening. That kind of stuff is always falling off and making their way around the house. It's the reason we need to dust so often. That dust has to come from somewhere, right?

Because we forget about this, most of us neglect to wash our towels and bed sheets as much as we should. As a reminder: a towel should probably be washed every three days or so. Your bed sheets should be washed every week. These two sets of items are the biggest victims of our constant shedding. Be more vigilant with your cleaning!

Toss What You Don't Love
Have you read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up? It was a pretty darn big hit last year, with over three million copies sold. The author was even included in TIME’s 100 most influential people last year. A lot of people were reading it, but but did everyone take Marie Kondō’s advice? I read the book and applied many of the principles, and I feel like a weight has been lifted.

Granted, some of the advice didn’t seem that practical. The message was to throw away everything in your home that doesn’t “spark joy”. Potato peelers don’t spark much joy, but throwing one away seems impractical. But, the importance of getting rid of all that clutter and junk that builds up should never be underestimated. So do it. Use Same-Day Rubbish Removal if you have large items or need something cleared immediately. The point is the rid yourself of unnecessary items, and be more conscious of purchases so that they don't accumulate again.

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Painting over Problems
Painting over problems, sweeping it under the rug - however you want to put it, it’s hiding an issue instead of dealing with it. Never do it. Not only does it foster bad habits, it can also do damage to your property. Have you ever simply painted over things like rust or mold, thinking it's a quick fix? That doesn’t get rid of the problem. Those things will still spread and weaken your home’s foundation. Find the time to deal with issues thoroughly instead of hiding them from view.

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