Tips To Avoid A Lunch Packing Rut

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The one aspect of any school year that I dread the most is packing lunches. I start the year off on a high note with plenty of momentum and good ideas. But about a month into the school year, I hit a wall. I run out of inventive ideas, and the creative juices stop flowing. But this year, I've vowed to stay out of the lunch packing rut that I so often fall into. Here are 3 ways I plan to do that:

1. Challenge myself to keep lunches healthy and creative
It's easy to throw individual bags of chips and cookies into your child's lunch box. But before you do, think about the lack of nutrients you are providing them. When I challenge myself to keep the packed lunches healthy, creative and fun, I am more motivated to pack them. I try to add a new food item or a fun note or treat every week. It gives me something to look forward to each week, and Harper loves getting a surprise in her lunch box. Check out my Pinterest board for some creative ideas for lunches.

Justin's recently introduced a snack pack that consists of wheat pretzels and a chocolate hazelnut butter blend for dipping. It's a fun treat that's healthy and kids love them. They are perfect for a sweet treat in the lunch box or for an in class treat.
Throw in a Stonyfield YoKids squeezable yogurt as another sweet treat. The pouches are less messy and are ideal for lunch boxes. 

2. Buy a lunchbox that does double duty
The more items you have to pack, the more effort is involved. Keep it simple and streamlined with a PackIt lunch bag. With PackIt lunch bags, there's no need for ice packs. PackIt lunch bags are freezable. You place the entire lunch bag into the freezer and it chills the contents all day (up to 10 hours) like a refrigerator would.

3. Keep a running list of food combinations to use as a go-to resource
When I run out of ideas, I love to have a few lists or infographics to turn to for inspiration. I keep them in a folder in my office and resort to them when my well has run dry...which inevitably will happen sooner or later. This one is one of my favorites:
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Disclosure: As a Stonyfield YoGetter, I was provided a PackIt lunch bag and products from Justin's to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

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