5 Tips for Successfully Dealing With Bedwetting

Thursday, September 22, 2016

When I was a little girl, I had a serious bedwetting issue. I wet the bed until I was 10 years old. Eventually I grew out of bedwetting, but at the time, it was very confusing and incredibly embarrassing for me, and I am sure, very frustrating for my parents.

If you are dealing with your own child's bedwetting problems, it's important to keep a few things in mind as you navigate this emotional and very sensitive issue with your child and your family.

1. Don't scold or shame your child
It's important to be sensitive to your child's bedwetting. It's likely that they are hyperaware of it and know that you are as well. Don't scold your child or make her feel shameful when it happens. They already feel shameful enough. By adding to it, you could reverse whatever progress you've made since shaming will only result in trauma.

2. Offer your child nightly protection
The best way to boost your child's confidence at night is to offer them protection in the form of Huggies® GoodNites®. Goodnites® are bedtime pants that set the stage for a restful night of sleep rather than a sleepless night filled with worry and apprehension.

When I was a child, I would delay bedtime as long as I could to avoid wetting the bed. This caused me many sleepless nights, and ultimately affected how I performed the following day. I was tired in school the following day, and my school work suffered. I wish Huggies® GoodNites® were an option when I was a child. Wearing them would have certainly put my mind at easy and would have prevented my constant preoccupation with bedwetting.

Walmart has the best prices on Huggies® GoodNites®. Since you don't know how long this will last, it's helpful to save money anywhere you can. Use this helpful store locator to find your nearest Walmart Neighborhood Market.

Since bedwetting is a sensitive subject, it's a good idea to keep Huggies® GoodNites® concealed in a drawer where your child's friends won't see them when they come over for playdates. Unlike proudly displaying baby diapers in a pretty basket on the changing table, you'll want to keep GoodNites® discreetly tucked away.

3. Consult a doctor
Two and half years ago, our youngest daughter Harper was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. One of the first signs of a problem was bedwetting. She had been potty trained from a very young age, and all of a sudden she was wetting the bed nightly. You can read more about her bedwetting story hereHuggies® GoodNites® were a life saver for us in the early days post-diagnosis while we were stabilizing her blood sugar levels. Bedwetting occurs often in children with high glucose levels. Huggies® GoodNites® saved us from purchasing a new mattress each month!

4. Take care of your child's skin
Remember diaper rash from those baby days? Urine that is left on your child's skin can cause irritation. Although it poses no serious health risk, it can be quite uncomfortable for your child. After they remove Huggies® GoodNites® in the morning, make sure they clean the area with baby wipes such as Huggies® baby wipes (click here to download a coupon).

5. Work as a team to accomplish the end goal
Working together with your child shows that you are in this together and that you are just as vested in his or her ultimate goal as he/she is. Overcoming bedwetting is difficult to take on alone, especially as a child. Take an active part, and it will give your child the confidence boost he or she needs to get through this with flying colors.




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