Easy At-Home Ice Cream Treats

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The official countdown to summer has begun here at the Jersey shore. We take our summers seriously. From the beaches to the boardwalks to the summer eats, we don't mess around. There's no denying it. Ice cream is a serious business here at the Jersey shore.

People brave enormous crowds and wait in long lines to get their favorite warm weather fix: ice cream. But after spending a long day at the beach or pool with the family, it can be difficult to muster the energy and the patience to wait for ice cream, especially with eager children.

Skip the lines and the crowds and make you own treats at home. It's easy, and more importantly, it's fun!

How To Make Ice Cream Treats At Home

1. Buy Ice Cream
A good, decadent ice cream is your best option. Häagen-Dazs is my favorite store-bought ice cream brand. Häagen-Dazs has a knack for taking an ordinary ice cream experience and elevating it with indulgent, velvety, and oh so creamy ice cream. When I eat a cone of Häagen-Dazs, I am immediately transported back to my childhood days when the simplest joys such as an ice cream cone brought the biggest pleasures.

The latest addition to the Häagen-Dazs line is the TRIO Ice Cream Collection. Inside every TRIO ice cream carton is an extraordinary combination of tastes and textures. TRIO is three layers of decadent combinations including both ice cream and crispy layers of Belgian chocolate. TRIO is available in four delicious flavors.

I picked up 3 containers at my local Stop & Shop where it was currently specially priced at 2 for $6. Grab this $1 coupon to save on your next purchase at Stop & Shop.

2. Make Ice Cream Sandwiches
If you want mushy ice cream sandwiches, go buy one. If you want ice cream sandwiches with crispy, crunchy cookies, make them yourself! These are so fun to make and even more fun to eat. Bake or buy your favorite cookie, place ice cream on one cookie, top with the other cookie, and you are good to go. For even more fun flavor, roll the side of the sandwich in sprinkles, decorative nonpareil candies, or sanding sugar.

3. Decorate Your Own Cones
A simple sugar cone is good on its own merit. But if you want to add a little zing to it, decorate it with sprinkles or other candies. I love the way nonpareil candies add color to an otherwise boring brown cone. We took the easy way out and dipped the cones in peanut butter and then into the candies. But if you have a peanut allergy or to be on the safe side for guests, dip the cone into melted milk or white chocolate and then dip into your desired decoration. This is a super fun idea for a birthday party too.


Don't forget to grab a $1 coupon to save on your next purchase at Stop & Shop.

And I can't forget the best part. FREE CONE DAY!

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