A-Grade Gifts For A-Grade Students

Sunday, October 15, 2017
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Now that our youngest is in middle school, we've been stressing more than ever the importance of good grades and study habits. Now is the time to establish good homework and study habits that will carry over to high school.

Every parent wants to celebrate when their kids come home with straight As on their report cards. Getting a high score on an exam is a cause for celebration, especially for the child. There are various ways you can treat your child after these successes, such as rewarding them or buying them a small token to praise them. Here are some examples of gifts for A-grade students that you might want to think about next time the kids bring their report cards home!

Gift Cards To Book Stores
If often goes hand-in-hand that if you enjoy reading, you are a good student. As a result, many parents may choose to reward their clever-clogs with a gift card to a favorite book store. Not only will this be a real treat for the kids, but it will also promote further studying. Sure, your child can choose whether they splurge on some non-fiction related to their studies or some light fiction, but either way, this gift promotes reading, so it’s a win-win really!

Personalized Stationery
Another great gift that can help your kids with their studies is some personalized stationery. There are lots of different things that you can get personalized these days, from the Giftsin24 personalized stationery cards to diaries to planners and journals that have been embossed with monograms. Not only will these encourage your child to keep up with their studies, but they are also super sophisticated and can be used right through to adulthood.

Nothing says ‘well done’ quite like a box of chocolates! Chocolates are a fantastic gift and perfect for any occasion. You can buy your son or daughter their favorite selection and present it to them in a beautiful gift wrap. It’s also possible to get some chocolates personalized as well. If you buy from a chocolatier, you should ask them if they are able to pipe a special message onto the chocolate, or if they can print a message onto the box. Your kids will be especially impressed when you give them their very own box of chocs!

Personalized Mug
The chances are, if you have older children, that your kids used a lot of coffee to help themselves power through all of their revision and study work! If so, you might want to treat them to their very own personalized mug. You can buy lots of birthday mugs that come with an age printed on them, and if you look hard enough you will definitely be able to find some mugs that celebrate exam success. Your kids can use these for their coffee when their next exams roll around!

A Meal Out
Of course, you don’t have to feel obliged to buy your kids something every time they do well in their exams. Why not just take them for a special meal out instead? This is often the best idea if you are on a tight budget. And this way, your kids won’t always expect to be treated to a present whenever they do well, and you get to spend quality time together as a family enjoying a great meal.

How do you reward your children for good grades?

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