Best Online Reads

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The ten stories from around the web that I am loving this week:

1. Fall vacations to take right now via Condè Nast Traveler.

2. The single most important thing a true friend can do via The Girlfriend.

3. This is what happens to your body during a flight via Business Insider.

4. The most popular grocery store in every state via Chowhound.

5. Why it's so hard to fall asleep on Sundays via Thrillist.

6. Find out how long it will take you to read any book via HowLongToReadThis.

7. How to train yourself to want less stuff via The Cut.

8. Where black cats got their bad reputation and why it's undeserving via Refinery29.

9. Fourteen fun things to do with friends via Cup of Jo.

10. The British way to make the best cup of tea via Food52.

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