What To Do With Unwanted Presents?

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Ah, Christmas time. A time of food indulgence, sparkling decorations, and festive outfits and celebrations. But above all, Christmas is a time of gift giving and receiving. We take pride in choosing the perfect gift for everyone on our list. And they'll take pride in choosing the ideal gift for you. As you begin to unwrap, you might have to put on a brave face when you receive something that doesn't entirely suit you. It happens, and there's no reason to feel guilty about not liking a present you've been gifted. But rather than allow the unwanted gifts to accumulate in your home, there are ways to deal with the gifts.

Declutter Ruthlessly
Ultimately, there’s no way around it. Your home doesn’t expand at the snap of your fingers. Therefore, you need to be selective about what you keep and what you don’t need. Unwanted items only clutter your space and affect your mood and lifestyle. So, if you're going to survive the post-Christmas period in a small home, you need to be ruthless about what you want to keep. Gifts you don’t like or want have to go. It doesn’t mean you should toss your unwanted gifts. On the contrary, your bad present could make someone else’s day! Why not ask around?

Exchange It
Can you exchange presents? Most of the time, you easily an item if you have a gift receipt or the original receipt. You can also trade gift cards for cash if you know you'll never use them. Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on platforms such as Reddit or Craigslist, where    you can sometimes find gift trades, where you can exchange your gift against someone else’s.

Sell On eBay
Let’s be honest; your unwanted gift has value, even if you don’t like it. You could try to sell it online. Ebay is, by far, the favorite platform for unused gifts, but you can also find a lucky spot on the Facebook marketplace. There’s only one rule to respect; if you’re selling your present, make sure not to let the person who bought it for you know about it. 

Donate To Charity
Your present could change someone’s life significantly. Pieces of clothing and furniture can be donated to charitable organizations to support those who need it most. You may not like your new jacket, but if it keeps someone warm during the winter, then it’s fulfilled a generous purpose. In the true Christmas spirit, you gain the satisfaction of knowing that your unwanted gift has made a difference, and maybe, that’s what Christmas is about.

Get Crafty
Last, but not least, if you’re an enthusiastic crafter, you could turn something you don’t want into a brand new item. Take a look at this fun tutorial that makes curtain rings out of CDs. With a little bit of creativity, you can find a purpose to everything, even those unwanted gifts!

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