4 Ways To Save On Kids Clothes

Friday, November 29, 2019

Any parent knows that dressing your children can get pretty expensive. Kids grow so fast, and that may mean that their clothing is often too small to wear after no time at all. And then comes the rough and tumble of youth, grazed knees, tree climbing, and falling in the mud. Clothes become scruffy and worn out very quickly.Soon you find that you are replacing clothes faster than you can buy them.

So, how do you continually find clothes for your kids without breaking the bank? Here are some top tips for clothing your children for less.

Look For Quality
If you are buying clothing for your children because it is cheaper, there is an obvious logic in this. You are buying within your means, and if you are continually buying clothes, it stands to reason that you will want to spend less on your clothing.

But very often, cheaper items of clothing have been poorly made and are mass-produced. They will be less likely to last and as such represent something of a false economy. Instead of buying cheaper items, look for better quality items such as custom raglan shirts that are well made. Spending a bit more for a garment that is made of more durable materials will save you more in the long run as they will not need replacing on the grounds of them getting scruffy.

Buy Second-Hand
With environmental issues being so much in the forefront of our lives, looking for ways to reduce waste is crucial. Buying second-hand clothes is one way that you can help to do this. Instead of buying new items, purchasing second-hand will not only save clothing from going into landfills, but it will also save you money.

There is no shame in buying second-hand, it makes great practical sense, and it gives you the opportunity to buy high-end brands at a fraction of retail costs. You will be able to find good quality items from leading brands if you shop around on places like eBay and on Facebook selling pages.

Buy Out Of Season
Clothes shops have limited space, and none of them wants to hold onto last years clothes. When the new lines come in, stores dont' have the space to stock both new seasons as well as previous ones. For this reason, many stores have end-of-season sales in order to make way for new stock. It makes sense to buy all of your children’s clothes for next summer just as the winter starts. Remember to factor in any potential growth that your child may have so that by the time they come to wear the clothes they fit just right.

Hand-Me Downs
Passing down clothes between siblings, or taking the clothes that a friend or family member no longer needs will save you a considerable amount of money. Often, when someone grows out of a good quality item of clothing is a shame to have to get rid of it, it makes more sense that another child goes on to wear it. You will no doubt find some nice items by doing this.

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