In Defense of Taking a True Vacation (And Why The Blog Has Been Quiet)

Monday, November 25, 2019

Two weeks ago we embarked on our annual vacation to Captiva Island, Florida. We own a timeshare through Hilton Grand Vacations at South Seas Island Resort, and every 45th week of the year, we head to Captiva and stay in the same townhouse (we don't have flexibility in our timeshare the way many others do, but we like it that way). Being tied down to a particular week each year forces us to (and guarantees that we will) take a vacation. But is it a vacation if we are working while we are away?

This is a question I pondered extensively while I was away. One day while sitting at the pool, I saw two different people with their laptops propped up on their laps, typing away feverishly with a fruity cocktail at their side. My own husband opened his laptop at least 3 times per day to check and respond to emails. While I didn't take a true vacation this time around, I did learn the value of stepping away from work to recharge and refresh.

As an independent contractor, I don't get paid when I am not working. So for me to miss out on 10 days of work isn't feasible. Unfortunately, I have to fill some of my vacation time with billable hours to clients. It's just the nature of my job and the industry I work in. Fortunately, because I work in social media, when I am "off", I tend to do less social media in my personal life. It was on this vacation that I posted on Instagram less, had zero desire to share every detail of my vacation with my followers, and was reminded how important this quality time away with my family really is.

Vacations are just They are a vacation from work, from the domesticity of home life (cooking, cleaning, etc.), from the daily grind that keep us moving forward. Vacations are a time to slow down, to appreciate that our jobs give us the opportunity to take a vacation, and to re-charge so that when we return home, we have a renewed desire to get back to our daily lives.

When we returned, I had every intention of jumping right back in to the blog head first. But I still wasn't quite motivated, and the last thing I want to do is to bring you content that isn't coming from my heart and soul. In addition to all that, I've been dealing with a persistent cough that has lasted almost two months. I've been back and forth to my general practitioner who has been wonderfully patient with me as we try all sorts of medications and options. Some days I feel great, and others not so much. On those off days, I've tried to take it easy and rest in hopes of speeding up my recovery.

Finally, after two months of coughing and endless journaling of my symptoms, I think I've finally figured out that it could be exercise-induced asthma. Anyone else have it? My symptoms flare up just after exercising and take hours to work through my system. By the time I'm feeling better, it's time to work out again. Hopefully, he can prescribe an inhaler to see if it alleviates and eliminates my symptoms.

But for now, I am back and ready to dive right in. The busy holiday season is coming up, and I'm excited for lots of good holiday content and much more good stuff to come. Thanks for sticking around and for your support. So many of you emailed me asking if everything is okay since the blog was quiet, and I truly appreciate your concern. xx

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