How To Mixing Blogging With Jet-Setting

Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Traveling all around the world is one of those things you’ll never forget. Whether you’re a travel blogger, a social media influencer, or a business traveler who has been invited to meetings and gatherings for various industries, jet-setting is one of the best parts of the job. But since you’re away from the office, will you be unable to blog or work to a high standard?

In this day and age, there’s no way there should be any drop in blog post quality as long as you’re prepared for writing on the go. Keeping a tight schedule is perhaps the first hurdle. Landing in a foreign land thousands of miles away, you will be battling jet lag and acclimatization. Fear not, there are many automated scheduling options you have at your disposal. On top of this, you can still correspond with clients and customers. And these days, there’s no excuse to ever be without WiFi.

In the city or in the hills
Your trip might involve working in a city. Sat in the middle of Prague, you’re tasked with writing a blog about a certain fashion brand or perhaps a travel agency. Doing a review takes time, so being able to turn on your laptop and write as well as save your work online, is a must for any modern blogger. Buy a portable router hub that can easily fit in your backpack. These routers will need a SIM card which will need to have credit on it. You can set the router in your bag between your feet, and start typing away. The charges will be the same regarding mobile data. So if your network charges you 1 cent for 1 Mb of data, this will be the same cost for your laptop. However, desktop data is much more varied and faster, so you should be careful of how much data you actually need per blog post.

Good customer/client contact
One day you could be in Paris and the next day you could be in Malaysia. The life of an international blogger is hectic and at times, unpredictable. Thankfully, however, you can still keep in contact with customers and clients. If you’re corresponding with someone and need to access letters and or documents, then using a virtual mail service like, that scans and forwards the contents to you directly, is immeasurably useful. This mail redirect service is great when you’re in the midst of contract negotiations with sponsors and or are paying an invoice for a freelancer who did some work for you or if you are the freelancer who needs to invoice a client. Since the company doesn’t release your mail to a third-party, all your secrets stay intact and away from prying eyes. You can even have your mail shredded if you want.

Keeping to a schedule
It's easy to lose track of the time and lose focus of the tasks at hand when you’re jet-setting. That’s why an automated task schedule is going to be your best friend while you’re finding it hard to focus. Monday is one of the best task automation services on the market right now because there are so many customizable options.

Whether you’re a travel blogger or on a business trip to meet sponsors or clients, these tips will keep your firmly grounded and allow you to work while on the go, internationally.

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