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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

I am still struggling to get back in a groove after my vacation, blog break, and Thanksgiving. Add to that the fact that I am still coughing, and you've got a recipe for being unproductive. I've been back to the doctor yet again. He put me on an inhaler and Singulair, but neither is making much of a noticeable difference. And to top it off, the chest congestion I had has now moved into my head. My sinuses hurt, but at least I have some measurable symptoms that will hopefully require antibiotics, which just may clear up this cold and cough once and for all. Other than that, I've been trying really hard to steer clear of the gym so I can rest my body and my lungs.

Here's what I've been up to as I am resting.

Last week as I was browsing Netflix for something good to watch, I came across Dirty John, a true crime series about a successful interior designer who falls for a charismatic con-artist in Orange County, California. After a few minutes of watching the first episode, I was hooked. I binged it over the weekend and finished it yesterday. If you like true crime, you'll love this. It tells the story of conniving John Meehan who sweeps interior designer Debra Newell off her feet. Their whirlwind romance concerns Debra's daughters and her family, but Debra is oblivious. She only sees John's charms. Eventually red flags are raised, and Debra starts to come around. But John isn't happy that he's being figured out. This article in the LA Times initially told the story of John Meehan. And then came a podcast and the TV series. Watch on Netflix.

If you'd rather listen to the story of Dirty John, opt for the podcast by the same name. It follows very closely to the TV series, but there is some additional backstory that you don't get from the TV series. Christopher Goffard, the LA Times writer, who told the initial story, narrates the podcast. It includes real interviews with Debra Newell, her mother, her daughters, her nephew, as well as John Meehan's sister.

I love the peppermint shakes at Chick-fil-A, but I'm not a fan of Chick-fil-A. So I went in search of a copycat recipe so I can make it at home. Pinterest came to my rescue with plenty of copycat recipes, but I ended up on this one. I'll be making it this weekend to sip on as I wrap presents.
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I'm a stickler for good grammar, whether it's spoken or written. I'm not going to lie, you lose a lot of credibility with me if you can't speak or write basic, proper grammar. But there are times people blunder when speaking. In fact, most of us do. We use fillers (um, uh) and commit slips and verbal blunders. But sometimes those are good things. Or at least that's what Michael Erard tells us in his book Um...Slips, Stumbles, and Verbal Blunders, and What They MeanThis book is an entertaining read that sheds light on why it's OK to use verbal blunders and why it's sometimes necessary.

So, tell me. What do you have planned this weekend?

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