How To Plan For The Future You Want In Uncertain Times

Friday, March 27, 2020
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The world is full of uncertainty right now. As we wait it out, many countries across the world are in a state of lockdown, and it feels like there are so many unknowns. Forget wanting to thrive, we just want to know if we and our loved ones will survive this testing time. It’s easy to forget what life was like without the constant ticking of bad-news headlines and worrying new developments. Although this particular situation is something none of us have experienced in our lifetimes, it’s fair to say that life has always been about overcoming challenges.

From accidents and illness through to redundancy, divorces and bereavement, no life is completely without its testing times. In fact, it's not these crises which define us - it's our emotional resilience and our response to them and how we handle them. In fact, being confined to our houses is presenting us with a unique opportunity to re-evaluate our lives, to assess the direction we’re heading in, and to set some goals for our future. Planning for better days can be a savior in turbulent times, as it allows you to focus on the positive and take back some control. So, how can you use this time in self-quarantine to plan your next move and actually improve your life?

Think About What You Really Want
We all lead busy lives - our days are full of work, exercise, activities, seeing friends and relatives, looking after children - and sometimes it feels like we’re caught in the cogs of a huge machine. Time to actually stop for a minute and really evaluate how our current lifestyle is making us feel is very rare. So this enforced time at home presents us with an opportunity to finally ask ourselves those questions. Do some simple visualization exercises to tune in to what you’d like your life to be like in five years time. Have you started your own business? Travelled to a dream destination? Built your own house - or a much wished-for family?

Take The First Small Step
Whatever it is, know that you can take steps now to pave the way for that vision to become a reality. What do you need to do in order to move closer to that goal? What has been blocking you from achieving it? Whether you need to finally sit down and write out a business plan, pick up the phone and call Advanced Fertility, or start a savings account for that around the world trip, the current situation should make you realize that things can and do change - you just have to step in and make them change as you want.

Learn Your Lessons
By taking that first action, you're one step closer to making something happen. Now feedback to yourself about the consequences of taking that action. How did it make you feel? Is there anything you could do better next time? Truly, there are no real mistakes if we choose to take the lesson and use it to improve. And once you’ve created that initial momentum, it becomes far easier to keep it up and move onto your next step. Don’t let the time in lockdown be wasted. Come out of the other end with something to show for it, and you may even come to think of it as a valuable experience.

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