How To Keep Your Kids Occupied During Quarantine

Monday, March 30, 2020

We’re living through some pretty strange times at the moment and none of us really knows how things are going to pan out or when life will resume as usual. Chances are, your little ones have been thrown out of their routine too. In many countries across the world, schools have been closed and we’ve been placed in a lockdown situation where we need to keep our little ones indoors. This, of course, can be challenging. Kids get bored easily. They’re not going to school. They’re not attending their hobbies and extracurricular activities. They’re not seeing their friends. They can’t get out to play at the park or go for fun days out. But that doesn't mean days at home should be dull. There’s so much you can do to keep their minds occupied and their imaginations entertained. Here are a few suggestions:

Games are always fun. The best part? There are so many different ones out there that you’re not going to be running out of options any time soon. Now, you may already have board games at home. These can prove useful. So can any other kids games that come in boxes. But there’s endless possibilities with other types of games too! Just think of the possibilities - sleeping lions, hide and seek and “What’s the time, Mr Wolf?” are all going to keep kids entertained. You can make your own games up too. Why not sit down and watch some films, then ask some Disney movies trivia questions afterwards?

Arts and Crafts
Another option is arts and crafts activities. Just a few basic materials can provide hours of endless fun. Cutting up different colored pieces of paper or card stock and providing a base piece of paper and some glue can turn into making mosaics. Pens and pencils can povide hours of drawing entertainment. Have some paint and potatoes? How about potato printing? Macaroni can be turned into macaroni art. If you’re feeling particularly brave, you could even get the glitter out! The possibilities are endless!

TV and Films
Most of us don’t like to leave our kids in front of the television for too long. But a film or tv show every now and then can be really fun. Whether that’s something modern like Peppa Pig or something more classic like the Wizard of Oz or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This is a great opportunity to snuggle up under a blanket and watch something great together as a family.

Maintaining Routine
While routine may seem out the window at the moment, it’s important that you still stick to bedtimes and waking times. This small amount of routine in your child’s day will prevent them from getting overtired or cranky and make everyone’s day a lot more pleasant.

It may seem difficult to keep little ones occupied during such a different and difficult time. But at the end of the day, few will notice much of a difference if you provide them with love, attention and plenty of fun and games!

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