How To Keep Your Home Pest-Free

Friday, July 31, 2020
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We've had a pesky, yet albeit inconsistent, ant problem for years. They pop up when we least expect them and during times of the year when ants generally shouldn't be invading our home. We've found them everywhere from the kitchen to the bathroom to the master bedroom and places in between.

We've sprayed, placed traps, sprinkled Borax, and tried every other trick in the book. But time and time again, the ants return and are worse than they were before. If you've ever had an ant issue, you know that they are persistent. They don't tire or surrender easily, and often "over the counter" tactics just aren't effective. We had finally had enough when I was in bed reading to find one crawling across my hand. Yuck! Time to call in the pros!

We finally gave up trying to rectify the problem on our own and went in search of a professional pest control service that could help us with this problem once and for all. After much research online and chatting with friends and neighbors in search of recommendations, we discovered that Surf Termite & Pest Control, a local, Jersey-shore based service in Neptune, NJ would be our best bet for successfully helping rid us of our irksome little ant friends.

Surf Termite & Pest Control handles everything from ants to bees to rats to roaches and so much more. If it's pesky and annoying, Surf Termite & Pest Control can get rid of it for you.
Serving areas throughout the Monmouth and Ocean County, NJ areas, Surf Termite & Pest Control. provides the best services available and the most affordable plans for the type of control you need, including a free estimate. It is a family owned business that is dedicated to helping you, your family, and your pets stay protected against the many dangers pest pose in the home. Through their thorough inspections, they will develop a treatment plan that works best for your home needs to successfully eradicate whatever pest problem you have.

Steve Wresnewski is the owner of Surf Termite & Pest Control and has over 30 years experience in the industry. Steve began his career just out of high school and trained with and worked for some of the “big name” pest control companies before branching out on his own to focus on a customer-centric experience where he could deliver the appropriate services for the customer’s needs. Steve is committed to assisting customers to create a custom plan (or offer a standard plan) for every experience and guarantees a positive experience with the pest control services.

Steve is assisted by Kim Mancini who joined the company as an Officer Administrator in 2019. She brings a very unique blend of knowledge and passion for her job. She’s familiar with unique customer needs and preferences and she offers a friendly voice that doesn't include a sales pitch.

Surf Termite & Pest Control offer various protection plans to cover termites or any other pests that they may have encountered such as carpenter ants, digger bees, or fleas. You can rest assured that the team is committed to fast, reliable service, selling you only what you and your home needs to maintain a healthy, pest free environment. For a complete list of the pests that Surf Termite & Pest Control covers, click here.

In addition to eliminating your pest problem, Surf Termite & Pest Control offers Home Protection Plans (HPP). HPPs include four quarterly service visits annually. This provides your home with the most comprehensive and rigorous pest management program available in the industry. Your HPP includes preventive treatments of the interior and exterior of your home with specific attention to the pest control issues that are appropriate to the season and weather (this is great for pet owners during flea season). There are also free emergency service calls during normal business hours. Coverage applies to your entire property including attics, mailboxes, garages, sheds, outdoor play sets, fences, and pool houses.

You can attempt to rid the pests from your home just as we did. You may have better luck than we had. Or you may exhaust all your efforts and need the help of an experienced professional. If you live in the Jersey shore area and know (or think) you have a pest problem, call Surf Termite & Pest Control today. They offer several discounts and coupon savings to help you get started. If you love in the Neptune City area and looking for a great exterminator, they are the business to call. You can also check out the testimonials on the website to see what kind of experience others have had with Surf Termite and Pest Control.

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