Weekend Dispatch

Friday, July 17, 2020

It's something like week 1,647 of quarantine, and it's really starting to suck all my mojo out of me. Today was one of those days where I just couldn't seem to get and stay on track. I felt off all day long, and eventually just gave in to the feeling and went with it. I was dressed to work out but that never happened. I didn't feel like making decisions about food, so I barely ate all day. I didn't drink enough water and decided to try to play catch up a few hours before going to bed (not one of my better decisions). But tomorrow is another day and hopefully a better one.

Here's what I've been up to lately and what I have planned for the weekend:

As disturbing as it was to watch Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, I felt is was necessary for me to hear the stories of the survivors, several of whom recall the abuse and manipulation they suffered at the hands of Epstein. I watched it a few weeks ago before his cohort and right hand person, Ghislaine Maxwell, was arrested as Epstein's co-conspirator in the sex trafficking of minors. It's difficult to hear the heart wrenching stories of Epstein's victims, some of whom were 12 years old at the time the abuse occurred. Epstein won't be brought to justice as he died while incarcerated, but hopefully, justice will be swift in Maxwell's case (who is scheduled to be arraigned on sex trafficking charges in Manhattan on Tuesday, July 15).

Where are my Elin Hilderbrand fans? Her latest book 28 Summers hit stands last month and has been a fan favorite since its release. I picked up a copy last weekend and finished it within two days of starting it. It's a captivating and bittersweet story of a secret love affair that lasted 28 years but only on Labor Day weekend of every year. I love her books, but there's something about this one that sucks you in and under quickly. If you are a Gen Xer, you'll love the musical references. And at the beginning of each "chapter" Hilderbrand recalls popular cultural references for that given year. It's a nice walk down memory lane. Giving this a solid 5 stars. Any Hilderbrand fan will love this one!

I've been more or less sober for most of quarantine. I haven't had the desire to drink, and quite frankly, I see drinking primarily as a social event, and it's been anything but social hour these last few months. I have to admit, I'm fully embracing being sober. I don't wake up feeling sluggish or bloated. I'm clear headed and more productive.  But lately I've been in the mood for a refreshing sangria (it's been so hot lately). Nothing beats the heat like a dip in a pool or an ice cold beverage. This weekend I might whip up a batch of this sparkling citrus pineapple sangria recipe from What's Gaby Cooking. It looks super easy and really tasty.

You know how I love my podcasts, especially discovering new ones. I used to listen to them primarily during my work day. But I've started listening to them on my walks. I can't listen to them when I run (I definitely need music for that), but I love them for long walks. My current favorite is Savvy Psychologist. It's like seeing a therapist without paying for one. The podcast is full of helpful mental health tips including how to spot gaslighting to the upsides of feeling anger to handling grief and loss, and much more. Check it out here.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that since summer has hit here on the east coast, I've been embracing taking my workouts outdoors and exploring nature and neighborhoods. If you are looking to change up your daily shelter-in-place routine, I highly recommend this. I've discovered new places and re-discovered old ones. I've noticed things that I've never seen before even though they've been here the entire time I've lived in this area. I've really been enjoying stopping and taking note of the things that never seemed to be important to me pre-pandemic. This week I noticed this intricate flower in full bloom in a yard in Bay Head.

So, tell me. What do you have planned this weekend? How have you been spending your free time?

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