How To Find The Perfect Fitting Bra

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Did you know that four in every five women aren't wearing the right bra size, and most are unaware of it? The research found that most women don't know how to measure themselves to find the right fit, and more often than not, they don't have somewhere they feel they can go and get comfortably measured. As a result, most women end up wearing the wrong bras. Luckily these days, we have resources that help in establishing the right fit like the bra size chart and techniques to help you find the right bra size that best fits you.

So how do you know you’re wearing the wrong bra?
These are some of the mistakes made when measurements are done incorrectly and some signs of an ill-fitting bra:

1. Measuring over the bust
When measuring band size, you should measure below the bust as this is where the band of the bra is located.

2. Measuring around the bust while wearing a bra
Ideally, the best way to determine bust size is to measure the bust with no bra on this gives a way more accurate fit.

3. You can pull the band of the bra from behind really far
If you can do this with your bra even when it's on the tightest hook, you need a smaller band. It means that it's too loose and will not offer support.

4. The band is not parallel to the bra
When the band goes up your back instead of being parallel to where your bra sits with your bust, you probably need to go down a band size.

5. The Gore does not lie flat on your chest
The center of the cups is called the Gore. A good fitting bra will allow the Gore to lie flat on your chest. A good way to test this out is to lift your arms and see whether the Gore lays flat on your chest or hangs loose. If it's loose, you may need a larger cup size and a smaller band size.

6. The “Quad Boob” effect
Commonly described as the spillage that occurs when wearing a bra with a cup size that is too small in proportion to the breasts.

Finding the right measurements for your bra
Only two measurements are required to find the perfect fit. Here’s a quick guide on how to conduct the exercise.

Band Size
Wrap a measuring tape around your bust where the band would sit. Go under your bust, exhale, and take the measurement. Find where your band would lie, make sure it's parallel and is going flat all the way around.

Bust Size
Lean forward facing the floor so that you are parallel to the ground, this action takes all of the breast tissue forward, allowing you to measure your bust's full size.

Calculating size
Once you have these measurements, you can input them in a bra size chart, which calculates and recommends the best fit. It's as easy as that.

Finding the right bra size doesn't have to be rocket science. It's an exercise that's easy and precise once you know the right steps to take. It opens up a world of comfort when you figure out the right fit and finally say goodbye to those ill-fitting bras.

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