7 Things To Remember When Planning a Road Trip

Friday, August 7, 2020
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It’s not so easy to jump on a plane these days since the rise of COVID-19. Many people are reluctant to step foot on a plane, but driving has become the new favorite means to travel lately. If you’re planning on taking the family away for a well-deserved break away from home, or perhaps you’re planning a solo road trip, you might be wondering how you can make it go as smoothly as possible - especially if you’ve never driven like this before. Check out these things to remember when planning a road trip so you don’t accidentally forget anything important!

Bring Entertainment
One thing you’ll find when taking a break on the road, whether that means someone else is driving or you’ve pulled over is that you’ll want something to entertain yourself. After seeing miles and miles of road, you’ll want to distract your mind with something else. Load up your phone with games and apps to keep yourself occupied.

If you’re traveling with children, be sure to pack plenty of puzzles, coloring books, mind challenging toys, and tablets with movies and shows downloaded. You can thank me later.

Be Self-Sufficient
Cars break down from time to time and being prepared as much as humanly possible will save you loads of money on repair bills. Having tools such as an impact wrench, a jack, screwdrivers, pliers and gauges in the trunk of your car will help you make minor repairs without having to involve a costly mechanic. You can get more info here on how to find out more about how a cordless impact wrench could make changing a flat tyre effortless.

Packing your car with dried food, water, and a blanket may also prove useful, especially if your car breaks down or you have to stop for a few hours where you can’t easily access provisions.

Keep Your Car Tidy
While you may not worry too much if there’s the odd receipt on the floor of your car or an empty water bottle lying around, but if you’re going on a long road trip, keeping your car neat and tidy will help keep you head clear and the drive more comfortable. Imagine a few days down the line when more trash has accumulated - it’s going to make more work for yourself! Clean before your trip and every few days give your car a bit of a spring clean for a much more pleasant driving experience.

Know Your Route
We’ve all been there, promised ourselves that we know where we’re going and end up lost on a deserted road in the middle of nowhere. If you’re not great at reading maps you could download an app on your phone to help you reach your destination. The great thing about satellite navigation apps is they can also bring up the shortest and more pleasurable route.

On the other hand, why not make the road trip itself more exciting? Research some sites that you could visit along the way and make the journey more enjoyable! This is a really great tip if you’re traveling with children.

Know Your Car and Its Warning Signs
You don’t have to be a mechanic to know when something is wrong with your car. As mentioned earlier, cars can break down without a moment's notice and sometimes, you won’t be able to repair the problem yourself. Knowing your car and its warning signs can help prevent a more costly repair. Be sure to have your car serviced before leaving on your road trip for that extra peace of mine.

Keep Loved Ones Updated
Especially if you’re traveling alone, update your loved ones of your location on a regular basis. A simple text could help locate you if something goes wrong with the car or worse. The great part about smartphones is that you can sync your phone with your loved ones and most of the time your phone will provide your exact location - provided it’s on.

Have Emergency Numbers Handy
Finally, the last thing you want when heading on a great road trip is to end up stuck in the middle of nowhere. Having a breakdown number from your car insurance handy on your phone will save you having to find somewhere with Wifi so you can Google a number.

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