The 10 Best Things I've Bought From Amazon Lately

Monday, October 5, 2020

Amazon has been coming in clutch for the past six months while we've been on lockdown. And even now that most stores are open in some capacity, we are still relying heavily on Amazon. Every two weeks we've placed at least one order for anything from a handy kitchen gadget to a bathroom organization item to a cozy piece of loungewear and more. A recent browse through my Order History on Amazon inspired me to share some of my best buys with you.
1. Magnetic Ironing Mat
How many times have you needed to iron something quickly but it's small and doesn't warrant getting out the ironing board, setting it up, taking it down, etc.? It happens to me all the time, and ironing on the floor using a beach towel just wasn't cutting it. When I found this magnetic ironing mat, I was practically jumping up and down. It's magnetic, so you can lay in over your washer or dryer to keep it in place and iron away! This has changed my ironing game. I can now iron one piece as needed instead of letting ironing pile up and waiting for a "good time" to iron the whole stack (which generally takes hours).

2. Apple AirPods Pro
When I found the price of the AirPods Pro was $199, I jumped on the new AirPods. I had a pair of the first generation AirPods, and although I loved the technology, I wasn't thrilled with the overall fit and feel of them in my ears. Wearing them for more than an hour or so was painful. The Pro update promised a more comfortable fit and even better technology than the first two generations. Plus, the price!!! (They have since gone up in price to $219, but still...that's $30 cheaper than you'll get them at the Apple Store).

3. Heavy Duty Grout Brush
After struggling to successfully clean grout in bathroom tile, I finally ordered this brush, which is AMAZING! Whether you have floor tile or wall tile, this brush will get your grout clean with the help of a cleanser (preferably a bleach-based one). The difference the brush makes is priceless.

4. Blue Light Blocking Glasses
My daughters ordered these glasses since they've been spending much more time on their computers  with both hybrid and remote learning. They are raving about them. Emma hasn't had a headache since she has started wearing them, and both girls have been falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer.

5. Book Light
Most of the books I read are digital books, but occasionally, I'll read a traditional hard print book. One of the ways I unwind at night before I go to sleep is by reading, so a book light is necessary when I have a hard copy book. This one came highly recommended from members in book groups to which I belong. I ordered it and am loving it. I love that it's rechargeable so I don't have to worry about having batteries on hand when the light starts to run low.

6. Media Storage Organizer
If your remote controls and devices are taking over your bedside, coffee, or end tables, it's time to reel in the clutter. This spinning storage organizer is the best way to do it. Harper ordered this, and it's genius. It keeps her iPad, iPhone, remotes (TV, fan, LED lights, and more) in one place and within reach.

7. Callus Remover Gel
Because of all the running and walking I do, I have chronic calluses on my feet. I've tried everything to rid myself of them, and I've found a few temporary fixes but nothing that has remedied them entirely. A friend told me about this gel that she bought for her husband when his calluses became painful (thankfully, I'm not there yet). I decided to order it, and ohmygosh! This stuff is amazing. It removes even the most stubborn of calluses. My feet are smooth and sandal-ready (even if it is almost boot season).

8. Jute Ottoman/Pouf
I recently gave my home office a mini makeover (and by makeover, I mean I bought a new throw rug), and decided to add a pouf. Since I already have a small table in my office, this pouf will serve as more of a footrest for the mini sectional I have. I considered a lot of pouf but this one won in the end, and I couldn't be happier with it.

9. Cross Band Slippers
Forget clunky slippers that look like they belong to your grandfather. These slippers are comfortable, elegant, and oh so cute. They are decidedly feminine and surprisingly warm.

10. Old Bay Hot Sauce
First taste and you'll be addicted. Trust me. Think hot sauce meets Old Bay, and you've got this tasty sauce. My niece brought this to Rehoboth Beach back in August and since then, I've always had a bottle in my Amazon cart.

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