5 Ways to Help You Improve Your Child's Intelligence

Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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It is the desire of most parents for their children to become intelligent. According to The Harvard Gazette, children with higher IQ levels are associated with greater longevity, success, and happiness. But, plenty of parenting tips available online can prove challenging to know what to follow or ignore.

Here are a few ways you can boost your child’s intelligence.

Participation in Activities That Build Spatial Intelligence
If you are still trying to figure out ways to build your child’s emotional intelligence, spatial intelligence games are among the key contributors to better learning and memory. Some of the toys that can come in handy include unfolded prisms, mazes, blocks, puzzles, and memory games. When your child reaches pre-school, they need to be provided with plenty of space and time to play with such toys.

Understand that constructive play is critical since it provides your child with plenty of learning opportunities. For instance, the games help them discover spatial awareness, which is critical in developing spatial intelligence (a child’s ability to imagine pictures). As your child is learning how to stack blocks perpendicular, above, or under, they engage their spatial intelligence.

Praising Your Child’s Efforts Nurtures Their Growth-Mindset
As a parent, understand that praising your child’s efforts will only be effective if it is focused more on the commitment and process than the end result. This means that your kid’s efforts and learning process has to be the key focus of your praise.

Recent studies on intelligence in learners have conceptualized two views on intelligence. In one view, intelligence is a "growth mindset," which means that the process is more focused than intelligence or talent. In the "fixed-mindset," intelligence is considered a fixed trait. So, if you want to communicate praise that takes into account a “growth-in-mind," be specific in your praise. For example, if your child finally solves a math problem that’s been bothering them, instead of praising them for being smart should let them know how proud you are that they remained persistent in solving the problem and never gave up.

Let Them Learn To Play Music
According to Arts Ed Search, keyboard and voice lessons increase a child’s IQ more than drama classes. However, it’s important to understand that drama increases their social behavior and adaptive skills. Even studies show that enrolling your child in music early in life can help slow down the cognitive decline associated with age.

If your child isn't in a school that offers music classes, you should consider finding other avenues for your child to learn tabla, drum, mini-keyboard, and guitar at least once a week. If you have a savings plan, you should use the Pigly.Com education savings calculator to determine how much you can set aside to get your child to a well-equipped school to nurture this important art.

Emotion is a Key Driver to Learning
One of the key drivers of learning is the relationship between a child and a parent. The closeness between a child and parent is created through the child's early attachment to a caregiver or parent. Besides your child's social and emotional development, attachment still plays a critical role in building your child's intelligence. Parents who are more attuned to their kids' mental lives also help their brains become integrated.

Provide Your Child With a Balanced Diet
Ensuring that your child is on the right diet is crucial in boosting their intelligence. Providing your child with the right nutrition has to start from the very first days after conception. Processed foods, as well as those that are sugary and fatty, can significantly lower a kid's IQ as well as attention span for learning. An important diet for children is the protein-rich type (meat, fish, and eggs). This is because they improve thinking, alertness, and attention.

In fact, research has shown that the brain works more effectively with EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid), which is found in fish oil, among other foods. It is still important not to overlook carbohydrates because they provide your child's brain with the fuel required for proper functioning. The same case applies to vegetables and fruits.

Wrapping Up
As a parent, it's your duty to plan for a more secure future for your child. One way to make sure that your young one has a great future is by considering the different ways to improve their level of intelligence. As you guide your kids on the journey of success, you have to remember that your children have their own journey, and you shouldn’t compare their ability to others.

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