Playing Favorites

Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Playing Favorites is a monthly series where I share my latest obsessions, favorite finds, and any kind of entertainment (books, movies, TV, podcasts, and magazines) that I am loving. Here's what I am loving this month.

In general, I'm not big on lavender. Most lavender-scented items are very strong and just too heavy for my taste. However, these dryer bags have a mild lavender scent that's more flowery than it is musky. And the scent that is left behind is sweet and fresh with notes of lavender rather than being overly lavender. Does that make sense? Plus, each bag can be used for up to 10 loads, and each box contains four bags for $5.

Even before COVID, I preferred to do my own nails. I find DIY manis to be incredibly relaxing and satisfying. But the worst part of any manicure is waiting for your nail polish to dry, even when you get a professional mani. essie expressie to the rescue. This quick-drying nail polish is my new best friend. One quick-drying coat is all it takes to get a gorgeous, professional-looking manicure in no time at all. Swipe and you're out the door. And how fab is this Midday Mocha color? 

I was looking for a caffeine-free way to boost my energy for both workouts and throughout the day. After doing some research, I landed on these Olly vitamins that are packed with B12, which boosts energy production. I chew 2 or 3 gummies about 45 minutes before I workout or when I'm feeling sluggish throughout the day. If you are vitamin B12 deficient, this is a diet supplement to get your levels up again, and they taste great. If you are looking for a caffeine energy gummies, this one is good. 

When Emily in Paris was first advertised on Netflix, I added to My List immediately. Anything from teh creator of Sex and the City is worth seeing! But as the time got closer to Emily in Paris being released and the more I read about it, I wasn't sure about it. It took me about 2 episodes to really lean into it, but once I did, I loved it. It was cute, but not ridiculously so, and if nothing else, the scenes of Paris will make you feel as if you are there. I'm anxiously awaiting season two!

My niece introduced us to these hot and spicy pickle bites back in August during our week in Rehoboth Beach, and I've been hooked ever since. They are crunchy and tangy, and are a perfect single-serving snack that satisfies every salt and spicy craving I have. Also available in regular dill bites. 

After seeing this mascara in countless articles of the best beauty buys on Amazon, I decided to give it a try. Now that we are wearing masks, I've been paying more attention to my eye makeup game and less attention to my lipstick game. This mascara lives up to the hype. One swipe and my lashes looked so much longer and darker. For $5, this is one of the best mascara buys out there.

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