My Empties

Monday, February 8, 2021

There are products that I buy to try and never use again. And then there are those products that I buy over and over again and squeeze every ounce of product out of the container. I admit to feeling a tinge of sadness when the product is completely empty, but then there's the high you feel when you replenish it. This month, I'm starting a new monthly series called "My Empties" where I'll share the products that I buy and use time and time again and are perennial favorites.

Here are this month's "empties":

1. Cranberry Gummies

After a friend recommended these gummies about six months ago to help with perimenopausal urinary tract infections, I've been hooked. I haven't had a UTI in years, but she told me that they are common in during perimenopause and after. So, in every attempt to avoid a painful and uncomfortable UTI, I've been taking these cranberry supplements daily according to the package directions.

2. Tree Hut Vitamin C Sugar Scrub

If you haven't tried any Tree Hut scrubs, you are missing out. My daughters introduced these scrubs to me, and they are honestly heaven in a plastic tub. I use them several times a week during the winter months to exfoliate dry skin. They brighten your skin by removing dead and dry skin to reveal a glow. You apply directly to wet skin and then rub it in and rinse. I like using this brush rather than my bare heads to work it into my skin.

3. Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum

I took a chance on this serum a few years ago during an Ulta 21 Days of Beauty sale. It was 50% off, and I couldn't resist trying it at that price. I've sworn by certain MB products (drying lotion, facial mists) but had never tried any of the serums. It didn't take long to love this vitamin C serum. It goes on smoothly and doesn't leave a sticky feeling behind (many less expensive vitamin C serums have a tendency to be sticky). Leaves your skin looking even, bright and less dull.

4. Smartly Shave Foam

Smartly is an economy brand that is exclusive to Target, but just because it's economy doesn't mean it's junky. I love this shaving cream. It's thick and lathers really well, and the smell!!! I feel like I've been transported to the beach even in the middle of winter. 

5. amika Tripe RX Conditioner

If you have dry, damaged, colored, and/or overprocessed hair, you need this conditioner in your life. It's specially formulated to strengthen and reinforce damaged hair to leave it soft and shiny. It's thick but not greasy, and I apply it generously to my ends but very sparsely to my roots. I usually leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it out, and I always comb it through my hair before I rinse it out. I usually buy the big bottle shown in the picture above at Marshall's or TJMaxx. But if you can't find it there, you can buy it at Walmart and Sephora.

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