Keep Moving Forward

Monday, March 1, 2021

Over the course of the past few months, I've received emails and DMs from readers inquiring about the state of the blog and social channels, specifically my inconsistent posting schedule, lack of content, and my general state of being MIA. While these questions were not a complete surprise to me, I have to admit that I was surprised that you care enough to reach out (thank you to those who have!). I appreciate your concern both for my wellbeing and that of the blog as well.

I realized months ago that there was a definite shift away from posting on the blog and on my social channels. Part of it was intentional and part of it wasn't. It's difficult to feel inspired and to think that my blog content inspires others in this current state of the world. My social posting is scarce because I hardly go anywhere or do anything. Most days I hit the gym (fully masked up), Starbucks drive-through, maybe the grocery store, occasionally the pharmacy, and sometimes restaurants to pick up take out.

In terms of content here on the blog, I always want to give my 110% here. I've never wanted to give anything other than that since I started this blog in 2008. Some days I feel like I sit down at my laptop and force myself to write something. It feels disingenuous. So, I've taken a new approach to sharing here. I have been writing only when I have quality content to share or when I feel inspired to share. I don't want to throw up a blog post for the sake of having something to post "regularly". I also have a running list of blog post ideas, but honestly, haven't had the desire to write them. I've set boundaries for myself and one of them is that I will no longer force myself to do something that I'm not completely committed to. And oftentimes, that includes writing blog posts.

I never want to put anything other than my fully committed self here and everywhere else on social media. It can be a rat race, and I don't want to succumb to the pressures of daily posting and worse yet, inauthentic posting. We have enough pressures in our daily lives that we don't need added ones or ones that we place on ourselves that we can't handle.

I also realize that this is a place you may retreat to as an escape from those daily pressures. And in light of that, I want to get back to posting here. It won't be daily (at least at first it won't). But I miss writing. I miss engaging with my audience. I miss DMs, emails, and comments, and hearing from followers. I feel somewhat disconnected from here, and I want to get back into it again. But then again, I feel pretty much disconnected from almost everything right now. 

Some days I have to remind myself to keep moving forward. Otherwise, I fear I may stop or stay in the same place day after day. And it's on those days that just accomplishing the bare minimum is about all I can do. On those days, you probably won't hear from me. Those are my mental health days, and they are usually very much needed in order to recharge and refresh.

If the past year has taught me anything, it's that it's OK to slow down and to take a step back, but eventually, you have to step back in. After a year, I'm ready to step back in and move forward.

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