Best Online Reads

Thursday, March 4, 2021

The ten stories from around the Web that I am loving this week:

1. Six things to stop doing in 2021 via The Everygirl.

2. How much water should you really be drinking via MindBodyGreen.

3. Eight tips from dieticians to help you eat well and live healthier via Yummly.

4. The oldest town in every state via Redbook.

5. What to expect the next time you fly via The Discoverer.

6. How to brag about your wins without being a jerk via Cosmopolitan.

7. Does drinking water actually hydrate your skin via Real Simple.

8. Seven little things to do when you are feeling pandemic burnout via Huffington Post.

9. How to feel unstuck when you are in a stay-at-home rut via The Everymom.

10. A step-by-step guide to organizing your kitchen pantry via Domino. 

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