Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Being a mother requires the utmost selflessness. Waking up in the morning to attend to the needs of your children requires bravery. It's hard. They wake. I help them get dressed before I dress myself. I prepare them breakfast before I feed myself. I could go on and on with examples such as these, but you get the general idea.

On Saturday, I took the girls shopping for a few wardrobe staples. We happened into Marshall's because I wanted to look at housewares. Oh, and sometimes they have some great deals on Lilly Pulitzer! I found a super cute sweater and a pair of designer jeans which retail for $56 for Harper. I got the jeans for $7. Yes, you read it correctly! Emma found a shirt, and then we wandered over to the housewares. I found the most adorable (repeat adorable) magnet board with a French theme...soooo cute. It came with 4 little Eiffel Tower magnets. I can't even begin to describe it, but just know it was perfect for me. And it was only $12.99!! BUT, I didn't buy it, and here's why.

I had $80 in my wallet at the start of our spree. I was not going to spend any more than that. Period. No exceptions. That was the budget, and we were going to stick to it. I knew since Emma had only found 1 shirt, she'd want something in addition to it. So, I sacrificed my magnet board so that she could buy a pair of boots. See, these are the things we do as mothers. I'm not saying that I'm not kicking myself now. In fact, the $20 in my pocket is screaming for me to go back to Marshall's this morning to look for the board. I'm very tempted.

Of course, I wouldn't be a good mom if I didn't explain to Emma during the car ride home what I had given up. I made sure she knew that I gave up something I really liked and wanted in order for her to have a pair of boots. I wasn't throwing it in her face. I think it was important that she knew that I put her wants before my own. It's generosity. It's kindness. It's a mother's love.

Just sayin'...

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