The Sweetest Place on Earth

Tuesday, July 6, 2010
It was a crazy busy week. It was the first full week of summer vacation, and it was jam packed with travel and plans.

First stop, Hershey, Pennsylvania. I was born and raised in the Hershey area. Hence my affinity for all things chocolate! I had to be in central PA for personal business relating to my father's estate (more on that later). We mixed a little business with a lot of pleasure and had a fantastic time.

If you are within driving distance to Hershey, it is definitely worth the trip. We didn't make it to the amusement park this time around, but we have plans to go later this summer. We did go to Chocolate World, and as always, it did not disappoint.

It's fun and full of whimsy!

Although there is no admission charge for Chocolate World, there are several attractions for which you pay a small fee. Not to be missed is the 3-D show!

There is also a chocolate tasting, which although kids might enjoy it, it is better suited to adults. It includes a tasting of 5 different types of chocolate and a spiced chocolate milk. You'll also receive an education in the cocoa making process.

Also, not to be missed is the Great American Chocolate Tour, a simulated ride through the chocolate making process. Years ago, tours were given of the actual factory, but due to health and sanitation guidelines, the factory tours ended and were replaced with this ride. This attraction is free, and upon exit, you are given a free mini Hershey milk chocolate bar.

A real-time tally of actual factory production.
If these displays don't put you in the mood for some candy, I don't know what will!

For more information and exact pricing, visit the Chocolate World Web site.

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