My 100 mile challenge

Monday, July 19, 2010
Sadly, it's always a visit to the cardiologist which motivates me to hop back on the exercise wagon. Ever since I've gotten my treadmill, I've been walking (and struggling through a few runs) somewhat regularly. But I haven't been incredibly consistent, and I haven't held myself accountable for my workouts or lack thereof. I need to raise my HDL, and one of the proven ways to do so is through regular exercise.

Over the weekend, I finally decided that I needed a long-term plan, a goal. I wanted a goal that was achievable yet challenging. So, I came up with a 100 mile challenge. Between July 18 and August 27th, I will walk 100 miles. I have six weeks to walk 100 miles. That's 42 days to log 100 miles on my feet, an average of 16.67 miles per week.

Can I do it? Will I do it? Can I keep the momentum up for 6 straight weeks?

Follow along here. Each day that I workout, I will log my stats at Daily Mile. You can track my progress by checking the Daily Mile widget to the right. When I started my 100 mile challenge, I had already logged 44 miles at Daily Mile. So, my ultimate mileage goal is 144.

My reward? The freedom to indulge during my vacation from August 28 - September 4!!!!!!!!!!!!

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