Birthday party fun

Saturday, July 31, 2010
Do you remember the days of birthday parties in our backyards, complete with latex balloons blown up by our dads, word-of-mouth invitations, cake, ice cream and a few simple yet fun games? If you're a mom, I don't need to tell you that those days are gone. Parties are competitive, expensive, and over the top.

We recently went to a birthday party that was reminiscent of the parties of yesteryear but with modern day twists. The original party was scheduled for Bounce U, but when my girlfriend's daughter became ill during the week of the party, the Bounce U party had to be cancelled. Instead Kristy scheduled the party for a local park. I was expecting playtime on the equipment, but we got so much more!

There was sand art.

There were Crazy Coupe races.

And in addition to that fun, there was parachute play, pizza, cake and goody bags!

The best parties are definitely those that exceed your expectations. This was one of those parties.

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