When mama's away...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011
the mice will play. And that they did.

On Saturday, I attended a Girls Lunch Out event. {Keep an eye out for my recap post.} As with any time that I'm out for the day or away for any extended period of time, there's some prep work involved. Since I'd be out for just a few hours, there wasn't a whole lot of planning involved. The Hubs would have them for a few hours. Easy.

What I didn't know is that behind the scenes there was planning and plotting taking place. They were scheming. The Hubs offered to take the girls out for breakfast. OK, not a big deal since we go out for breakfast frequently as a family. There was also talk of shopping, and I'm not talking grocery shopping here. I'm talking about dreams-come-true shopping. Yes, toys or clothes. It was the girls' choice. And maybe, just maybe, lunch out would happen somewhere in there, too.

What? What about me? Why does all the fun happen when I'm gone?

I see things from his perspective. The girls aren't happy when I'm away, and he feels the need to overcompensate. With more and more upcoming blogging events, I'll be away more frequently, and the Hubs will be in charge. Will these fun days always be on the docket? If the tables were turned, I'd be likely to do the same thing even though I know it's not necessarily practical or financially feasible. But it's fun. And when the Hubs is at work all day, 5 days a week, and finally has a day with the girls all to himself, it's only likely that fun and spoiling would be part of the plan.

So what exactly did they do on Saturday? As I was backing out of the driveway, they were heading out to breakfast. The girls had Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes with powdered sugar and whipped cream. Afterwards, they headed to Toys R Us where he bought them a few DVDs {rolling my eyes} and some Wii games {good distraction while I get work done}. All the fun happens when mama's away.

I'm sure there were plenty of giggles, and laughs at my expense. They love to mock me for my idiosyncrasies. It's all in jest, I know that. It's all part of enjoying their day in their way.

And what did they want Sunday morning when they woke? Yep. They wanted to go clothes shopping. "Well, Daddy takes us shopping when you're away." I knew it. I'm the bad parent. The parent who doesn't spoil them. The parent who won't give in to their whims. The parent who compromised her principles and ended up taking them to Old Navy.

I'm a pushover.

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