The world doesn't stop for a sick mama

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
Can you tell where I spent the past 3 days? Yep, in bed with a fever, the chills, stuffy nose, achy head, and a never ending cough.

While I was there, the laundry piled up in the sorter. The beds went unmade. The bathrooms went uncleaned. The floors went unmopped. While I watched my 87th episode of House Hunters, the household chores were building into a crescendo that will take me no less than 2 weeks to undo.

Yes, the Hubs was a huge help. But let's admit, that no one, not even our husbands, performs the household duties to our high expectations. And trust me, my expectations are high.

And while I was balled up in my bed, I was reminded that the world was still turning. Life was status quo for everyone else. When I had the energy to pick up my BlackBerry, I saw Foursquare friends checking in at P.F. Chang's, Madison Square Garden, the gym, the grocery store. I felt guilty for doing what I so often want to do: Nothing.

I was stuck in bed.
We, as mothers, often wish for days with no activity. Days where we spend the entire day in bed watching guilty pleasure TV with the door closed. No kids jumping on the bed. No kids fighting over a toy as you're trying desperately to catch up on Bethenny Ever After. After a full day of that, I had my fill. However, my body was defying me. It forced me down for two more days.

Today, once my antibiotics kicked into high gear, I could feel a glimmer of my true self. Some energy, not the boundless energy that I usually have, but I'll take it.

Baby steps. Trying to get back to a normal routine. It's tough. Ask any mom who has been slapped in the face with illness. It's not good when mama goes down.

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