Photo Shoot for Meridian Momtourage

Monday, August 1, 2011
For almost a year, I've been a contributing blogger for Meridian Momtourage. In addition to writing for Meridian Momtourage, I've been actively engaging on the site as well. Meridian Momtourage offers health and lifestyle advice from both physicians as well as moms in the trenches such as myself. It's a wonderful mix of professional know-how as well as personal experience.

As a frequent user of the site, I was invited to do an interview for an upcoming publication of Meridian HealthViews, a free, bi-monthly magazine featuring real-life, local health and wellness stories. My interview would specifically highlight my involvement as a blogger for and a user of the Meridian Momtourage site. Part of my interview included a photo shoot with my daughters.

Meridian's incredibly talented photographer, Jackie, met me and the girls on the beach in Spring Lake and snapped some great shots.

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