Vacation Interrupted

Sunday, August 28, 2011
You know that feeling you get when you are weeks away from a vacation? Excitement, and anticipation. You start a countdown weeks before, and you totally look forward to Day 0. Well, I've had the excitement and anticipation for weeks. Every year, my sisters and I and our respective families head to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for a family vacation.

We grew up vacationing in Rehoboth Beach. We've made lots of memories here, and now we are making more with our own families. We literally look forward to this vacation from the moment it ends the previous year. It's just that good. You can imagine our sheer excitement days before our vacation. But this year, our bubble was popped when Hurricane Irene decided to grace the east coast with her not-so-welcomed presence.

Our vacation was to begin on Saturday the 27th. On Friday, my sister received an email that vacationers were strongly being urged to postpone their vacations until Monday, August 29. Wha???? Monday? That's 2 days. I can't wait to days. I've waited for this vacation for 365 days. I cannot possibly wait another 2 days.

But Irene was not going to cooperate. It was Irene's way or the highway. And so, we hunkered down in New Jersey. We rode out the storm. We expected the worst and were pleasantly surprised when we woke on Sunday morning with full power and a few branches and a bunch of leaves all over the driveway and our street.

We started out the day lazily. Lingering over breakfast. Doing last minute laundry. Slowly finishing our packing. And then, my sister came bounding into the room with some news: the realtor emailed. We could check in as early as Sunday!!!! For reals!!!!

We furiously started packing. It was mass hysteria. A mad dash for suitcases, tote bags, beach bags. It was a frenzy. We loaded the cars. And soon we were on our way. The roads were deserted. No traffic. It was fantastic!

And by 6:30 pm, we pulled into the driveway of our rental house.

Let the vacation begin!


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