Turkey Trot Kindergarten Party

Friday, November 25, 2011
Do you recall the holiday parties from your elementary school days? I can remember only one. It was my 5th grade Christmas party. I don't know why I can't remember ANY holiday parties other than this one.  Maybe they just weren't as fun as my 5th grade Christmas party.

My 5th grade teacher was so cool. She drove a red Triumph TR-7. It was a sports car that I thought was uber cool, which added to my teacher's overall ultra coolness. But anyway, I think I can still vividly remember the party because my teacher made such a positive impression on me. Plus, we made a really awesome tree ornament out of pretzels and crushed hard candy. I loved that ornament.

So, when I volunteered, way back in September, to organize Harper's Turkey Trot party for kindergarten, I knew I wanted the kids to think it was super fun. I wanted the craft to be something that was long remembered after the party had ended, and I wanted to play a game that would be fun for everyone, children and parents alike.

I knew the exact craft that I wanted to do with the class. It's one that I've been doing every year with my girls since their very first Thanksgivings; a hand print turkey. I thought it would be perfect for the children to give parents, grandparents, godparents or a special aunt or uncle as a keepsake.

I prepared the construction paper with the personalization ahead of time so that the only thing we had to in the classroom was paint the hands and stamp them onto the paper. The children then glued googly eyes onto the turkey, drew legs, a beak, and a gobbler. Lastly, I bought some foam stickers so the children could add a final touch to the hand print.
I was worried about the whole painting the hands and clean up factor involved. I thought that maybe the craft was a bit overzealous, but Harper's teacher told me that she loved it and thought it was a fabulous idea. She was even going to do it with her twin sons!

After the craft, it was time for our feast. We had mini corn muffins, pumpkin bread, cranberry nut bread, mini bagels and cream cheese, munchkins, and cupcakes. I love how the little kids just love the simple things. They were so happy to sit with their friends and enjoy some treats.

Lastly, after stressing about which game we'd play, I finally decided on the Pin the Gobbler on the Turkey!!! I drew the turkey on a piece of poster board and cut out red gobblers from construction paper. I labeled each gobbler with the child's number so that we knew who came the closest.

It was Harper's turn...

What a fun and special way to spend the morning with my baby girl and her kindergarten friends.

Did you attend a Thanksgiving classroom party for your child? What was the highlight of the party?

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