Must-Haves for Air Travel

Monday, November 7, 2011
In a few days I'm hopping on a plane and heading to Florida for vacation. Just in case you're curious, I'll be here {happy dance}.

This morning I retrieved the suitcases from the attic and gave everyone the speech, "Pack light and pack right". We spend our days at the beach or pool and our evenings at casual restaurants or eating at home. There's no need for tons of clothes. I need to keep reminding myself of this...over and over. Plus, the Hubs and kids carry on their bags, so it's imperative that they don't over pack. I am the only one who gets to check a bag, primarily because I pack full-size toiletries.

I pack my carry-on first. It's easy because I know EXACTLY what I need and like to take on the plane with me. Here are the items I absolutely must have on board.

1. A comfy sweater
 Airplanes are notoriously cold. Don't get stuck shivering during your entire flight. I recommend a cardigan or a wrap with a tank or tee underneath, especially if you are traveling from a cold to warm climate. When you reach your destination, you'll want to ditch the sweater.

Fat Face cardigan

Fat Face cardigan (see more knit cardigans)

2. An E-Reader
I currently have about 10 unread books and 5 unread magazines downloaded on my Nook. I can turn on the Nook and have them at my ready during the flight. It is so much easier than lugging books and magazines in your bag, and so much better for your back. Plus, I have apps downloaded on it for me and the kids to enjoy. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. An e-reader is a must for ANYWHERE.

3. Bottled Water
Once I pass through security, I grab one or two bottles of water. Not only do you need to stay hydrated, but you don't want to rely on the flight attendants for water.

4. Anti-bacterial Soap
Airplanes and airports are breeding grounds for germs. Stock up on the trial-sized bottles at Bath & Body Works.

5. Facial, hand, and lip moisturizers
Although the bottled water will work wonders for hydration, you still need a little extra for the face, hands, and lips.

For my hands, I am loving this lotion from Bath & Body Works. The 1 oz. tube is perfect for travel.

For my sister turned me on to Smith's Rosebud Salve.

For my face...I generally use samples that I received in swag bags or from cosmetic counters. They are the best option for travel.

6. An iPod
When traveling without my kids, I listen to music for the entire flight. When traveling with my kids, I don't get much use out of the iPod, but I always bring it...just in case.
7. Socks (a warm, comfy pair)
I know. Odd. But I'm telling you, I freeze on airplanes. I kick off my flats and put the socks on as soon as I settle into my seat. Try it. You'll  love it!

Don't forget to pack these items in your carry-on before your next flight. You will be so much more comfortable on your flight whether it's a long one or a short one.

Do you have any must-have items that you take on board with you?

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