Spring Trend: Colored Jeans

Monday, February 20, 2012
Fess up: Have you succumbed to the latest denim trend, colored jeans?

I'm not gonna lie. When I first read about colored jeans, I was all, "No way am I going to wear such bright colors on my legs. I can't pull off that look, and I'll look just ridiculous." I felt the same way about colored denim as I did about skinny jeans. Now, I practically live in skinny jeans.

But after months of seeing pictures of colored denim EVERYWHERE and liking what I saw, I've given in to the trend.

I bought a pair of colored jeans today. I've been looking, mostly online, for weeks. Prices varied greatly. I found colored jeans that are $30, and I've found pairs for $200. $200 for a trend that I'm not completely sold on? Just couldn't do it.

So, I settled for a pair at Old Navy. The pair originally retailed for $34.95 but were on sale (for a limited time) for $19. So, I went for it. What the heck, right? I went with the "Blue Moon". I like them so much that I think I'm going to pick up another pair tomorrow (a rust colored pair). I bought a really great sweater to pair with them for $9. I'll wear the outfit this week and post a picture!

So, tell me, do you own a pair of colored jeans? If so, what color are they?

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