When Bloggers Go Out To Dinner...

Sunday, February 26, 2012
We generally go without our other halves. And here's why: it's tough to tolerate the tweeting, Facebooking, YouTubing, Instagraming, etc. that goes on at the table. I am NOT kidding you. And if you are a blogger, you know exactly what I am talking about.

We've been talking about getting together since we connected at Bloggy Bootcamp Philly in September 2010. Finally, last night, the stars aligned and it happened. I met up with Tina, Corine, Heather, and Stephanie for a much needed chance to catch up. 

About 2 minutes after being seated at our table, this was the scene. We were tweeting away!

Women are the ultimate multi-taskers. We were tweeting, chatting, drinking wine, and eating, and doing it all perfectly, without missing a single beat.

We met at Casona in Collingswood. Four out of five us had attended a Girls' Lunch Out event there back in October. The lunch that was served was delicious, and we were hoping our dinner would live up to our expectations. We were not disappointed. I ordered the vegetarian paella. It was perfection. I especially loved the green olives. Yum!

The wine and conversation flowed easily. I was great to catch up. Blogging friends are real friends.

Soon it was time for dessert. These wonderful desserts were placed in front us of, but we had other plans. Check out Stephanie's blog post to see what we did before we ate dessert. It's hilarious!!

We ordered the dessert special, crepes with chocolate and strawberries, and the chocolate flour less cake from the regular dessert menu. Oh. My. God. Heavenly.

A great night with great friends and plans to meet again!

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