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Thursday, May 3, 2012
The other day I was chatting with an acquaintance about exercising and the impending bikini season. While discussing the merits of exercise, she asked why I go to the gym religiously. "You're so skinny", she said. "You're not seriously trying to lose weight?", she asked.

The whole conversation bothered me. What? Thin people can't work out? Why must I justify myself to her? I have every right to get my fitness freak on just as anyone else does.

The truth is I work out for health reasons. Some people struggle with their weight. I struggle with my blood pressure. I NEED to workout to control my blood pressure. In addition to prescription medication, I use regular exercise as a remedy for my high blood pressure.

But in addition to maintaining normal blood pressure levels, I want to be fit and toned - not just skinny. I want to be healthy. I want to look healthy. I want curves. More than anything else, I want to prevent myself from having a heart attack or stoke. Because uncontrolled blood pressure and untreated high cholesterol can lead to both heart attacks and stroke.

When I think about making an excuse for not exercising, I think of my health, and I know that it's not worth it to give in to complacency or laziness. However, the gym isn't for everyone...

Fitness Alliance, the creators of P90X 90 Day Review, specializes in fitness programs that yield quality results. You want to get in shape? Do you want a Beach Body? You need a program from Fitness Alliance. If you don't like gyms or fitness equipment, if you'd prefer to exercise in the comforts of your home, Fitness Alliance has designed various programs with you in mind.

If time is an issue, Fitness Alliance has created several programs designed for the time-challenged. No more excuses about not having the time to spare to exercise. Looking for an Extreme Body Workout? Fitness Alliance offers several intensive workouts that will get you in shape FAST!

The buck stops here! The excuses stop here! Your new life starts NOW! Check out Fitness Alliance to get started.

Disclosure: This is a guest post provided by Fitness Alliance.

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