Where's my mojo???

Thursday, May 17, 2012
Ever have one of those weeks where your motivation totally ditches you? Just takes an unexpected hike, and you have no idea how to track it down?

Yep. It's been one of those weeks.

It started on Monday. Waking up to some pretty crappy weather didn't lend itself to starting the week off with a jump start.

I had a pretty great week last week. I had 2 fabulous Paint The Town Pink events including meeting Bill Rancic. My oldest turned 10! I spent Saturday with my girls at an Angelina Ballerina performance and a nice lunch. And Sunday was Mother's Day. It was such a wonderful week filled with lots of fun events and activities.

Of course, this week paled in comparison.

I haven't been to they gym all week - not because I've been busy, but because I've been a little less than motivated.

I've barely posted on my blog all week.

My presence on Facebook and Twitter has been fair at best. I've almost completely forgotten about Foursquare.

I did crank out an article for Meridian Momtourage on avoiding distractions during family vacations. You can read it here. Plus, I've been volunteering at the Scholastic book fair at the girls' elementary school and helping to plan the 4th grade breakfast. I like to think that those count for something.

But still...I can count the number of productive things I've done this week on one hand. Now that the week is winding down, I have this overwhelming feeling that I've wasted most of it.

Even as I write this, I struggle to get out of my funk. I am scrambling to turn things around this week. Better late than never, right?

This weekend is Bloggy Bootcamp in Philadelphia. I'll be there Friday night and all day Saturday. I am seriously hoping for some major inspiration to strike as a result of the weekend's social media activities. I am in dire need of recharging and refreshing. The Girls' Lunch Out cocktail party on Friday night and Saturday's conference should be just the things I need.

Do you ever have days or weeks like this? I never do, and this is a rare and unwelcome feeling for me. What do you do to get your mojo back?

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